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  • Prestige announces new product guide

    The team at Prestige Dental are pleased to announce that their new product guide will soon be available.

    In line with Prestige’s commitment to bringing together an extensive range of quality dental products under one banner, the guide will combine innovative new products with old favourites.

    All Prestige Dental products are carefully selected and undergo rigorous investigation to ensure that they conform to the company’s high standards.

    Whatever you need, Prestige Dental has the solution, covering areas such as:

    • Impression trays and materials

    • Implantology

    • Rotary and diamond instruments

    • Restorative

    • TMJ/occlusion

    • Model-making and vacuum forming

    • Small equipment.

    To get a copy of the guide, which will be available mid-February, or for further information, please call 01274 721567 or email


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