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  • Basic Introduction to occlusion

    Presented by Laurence Murray,
    Learn Occlusion that is relevant, interesting and easy to understand. A great starting point, particularly for associates and all those new to occlusion. The 1st day is the theory around occlusion  and the 2nd day is the practical day.

    Theory day £175 

    The day starts at 8.30 for registration and generally finish for 4.30 pm
    This programme is an excellent introduction to the Principles of occlusion and how they affect restorative,periodontal and orthodontic treatments.
    Unfortunately ‘occlusion’ is often taught in isolation, but it is a fundamental part of virtually every restorative plan.
    Practitioners will also be able to develop their understanding and management of TMD cases, thereby developing a new area of patient care within their practice.

    This day covers
    Anatomy of the TMJ and masticatory muscles
    Demystifying terminology in occlusion
    What instruments are required?
    Envelope of function
    Centric relation and when to use it
    CR bite records
    Comprehensive clinical examination: teeth, joints and muscles
    Unhealthy muscles: signs and symptoms
    Unhealthy teeth: mobility and fremitus, tooth wear
    Appliance therapy
    Deprogramming appliances
    Role of full coverage appliances (hard and soft)
    Treatment sequencing
    Creating space for restorations
    The role of provisional restorations

    Practical day outline, Delegate fee £300
    This practical course is designed as a follow-up to the
    One-day theory. The course, which will be for limited participants and will include the following:

    Facebow registration and mounting of an upper model
    Centric relation manipulation;
    Each participant will manipulate and be manipulated by one of the instructors
    Construction of an anterior jig
    Use of a Leaf Gauge and centric
    Use the CR record to mount a lower model to the upper model on a mark 11 Denar articulator
    Construction of a lower stabilisation splint on the mounted models
    Participants will work in pairs, so that at the end of the day they will have produced an appliance
    Articulators, facebows and all materials will be provided.

    Dates and Locations:

    Wigan 8th/9th May 2015

    Impressions Dental Laboratory The Old Police Station, 26 Castle Hill Road, Wigan, WN2 4BJ


    Dundee 5th/6th June 2015

    A-Plus Dental Laboratory 10 George Buckman Drive, Dundee, Dundee City, DD2 3SP


    To book please contact the BSOS through their website


  • Prestige products for prestige results hit the road

    The team at Prestige Dental is delighted to announce they will be exhibiting at both the Dentistry Show and the ADI Team Congress this year.

    On 17 and 18 April, we will be at the NEC in Birmingham on stand 546.

    Then, between 14 and 16 May we’ll be welcoming delegates to stand 45 at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow.

    Among the products available will be ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE , the first dental resins with a bioactive ionic resin matrix, shock-absorbing rubberised resin component, and reactive ionomer glass fillers that mimic the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth.

    Prestige Dental’s model making and bleaching tray system will be on view too, which enables the dental team to fabricate trays in the practice in just one hour, allowing for significant cost savings.

    A range of Denar articulators will also be on the stand. Engineered for superior performance and tested thoroughly, they offer features to suit the needs of any practice or laboratory.

    Also available is The Pointer, a breakthrough innovation offering a new way to detect the exact location of buried implants under soft tissue without the need for an invasive procedure.

    Whatever you need, Prestige Dental has the solution, covering areas such as:

    • Impression trays and materials

    • Implantology

    • Rotary and diamond instruments

    • Restorative

    • TMJ/occlusion

    • Model-making and vacuum forming

    • Small equipment.

    Please visit the Prestige Dental team at either Birmingham or Glasgow – or both – where you can be sure of a friendly reception and expert advice.


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