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  • Proof positive of ACTIVA BioActive-Restorative’s excellence

    Prestige Dental is delighted to announce that ACTIVA BioActive-Restorative from Pulpdent has received a 98% clinical performance rating from The Dental Advisor One-year Clinical Performance Report.

    In summary, the ease of placement, finishing, polishing and final aesthetics of ACTIVA BioActive-Restorative was rated as ‘excellent’.

    Speaking about the report, Fred Berk, Vice President of the Pulpdent Corporation, commented: ‘ACTIVA  BioACTIVE products are the most exciting development of a lifetime. They combine the bioactive ionic resin, the rubberised-resin molecule and reactive ionomer glass to mimic the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth. They are the first bioactive dental products with the best attributes of composites and glass ionomers but without any of the disadvantages of those materials. They are strong, durable and highly aesthetic, and they release and recharge calcium, phosphate and more fluoride than glass ionomers. They are ‘smart’ materials that respond to the pH cycles in the mouth and provide long-term prevention benefits. My team and I couldn’t be prouder to have these attributes recognised by The Dental Adviser.’

    Pulpdent ACTIVA BioACTIVE products are available in the UK through Prestige Dental. For further information, please call 01274 721 567 or email


  • A model lunch and learn

    Vacuum forming is a dental technique that many a dental team has found invaluable once brought into the practice, and Prestige Dental makes that journey as simple and as pleasant as you could possibly want with its lunch and learn gatherings.

    Led by Jennifer Ball, a product specialist for Prestige, this is an event not to be missed! As an ex-dental nurse with plenty of experience, Jennifer knows exactly what it’s like to work in a busy team whose members strive to excel in everything they do.

    While lunch is enjoyed, Jennifer introduces the team to the day’s topic, during which she shows them how to cast up a study model. Then, while that is setting she shows a previously fabricated study model and explains how to use the vacuum forming machine to make a whitening tray. By then, the original study model is set and it’s time for everyone to gain some hands-on experience. Normally one or two members of the team cast up models while others try making a whitening tray.

    Speaking about these fun meetings, Jennifer commented: ‘Obviously some introductory information is essential but the real learning happens during the hands-on sessions. I believe that is the best possible way to understand how vacuum forming works, and the feedback I’ve received confirms that.

    ‘It offers the opportunity for me to teach everyone attending how to overcome issues that could arise – for example, a broken model and a patient waiting, an air bubble in the study model, or how to shape the study model so that it creates a tighter whitening tray.

    ‘Also very important is that I communicate the legal aspect of this type of work. For example, every dentist, nurse or hygienist can make a whitening tray as long as it is within their scope of practice, but if you want to make retainers you need to register the practice with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency for a small cost.

    ‘I know it’s a lot of to take in, so I also provide documents that support the information I’ve shared.’

    If you would like to know more about this event or would like to book a lunch and learn at your practice, please call Jennifer on 07341 127608 or email Alternatively, you can ring Prestige Dental’s head office on 01274 721567.


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