Excellent Implant Impressions in One Appointment!

The NEW, scientifically-proven Border-Lock impression tray developed by Schreinemakers produces a final implant impression in just one appointment.
Meets demands
This semi-custom, single-use impression tray meets the demands of fit, rigidity and retention that are necessary for successful, precision implants. With retention grooves along the sides of the tray that do not affect the mucous membrane, dynamic pressure is ensured.

Border-Lock’s transparency ensures the abutments are clearly visible, allowing their position to be indicated on the tray with a marker. At a thickness of 3.5mm, Border-Lock retains excellent stability even when holes are drilled chairside, prior to taking the final impression.

Tray selection couldn’t be easier
Simply bring the measuring calliper included in the Border-Lock kit into contact with the buccal surfaces of the 2nd molar and 2nd premolar for an upper, or the lingual surfaces for the lower. The calliper is then placed on the size chart to determine the best tray for the job, offering a quick and hygienic selection process that results in a precise fit.

The system is available in a variety of kits, to ensure dentists will always have a suitable tray to hand.

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