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  • Articulating excellence

    Denar articulators, available exclusively in the UK from Prestige Dental, are engineered for superior performance and tested thoroughly based on proven methodology. They bring a new level of interchangeability with the innovative 300 Series and offer a range of features to suit the needs of any practice or laboratory.

    The 300 Series comprises next-generation articulators with factory-set accuracy to within 20 microns. Each model offers the following design and quality features:

    • Tilts back at a 45° angle, allowing a hands-free view of the cast

    • A built-in support pin that allows the upper member to stand completely open while the articulator is sitting flat

    • A positive centric latch that allows the upper and lower members to be separated or positively locked together

    • A new magnetic mounting system offers three points of contact to ensure stability and improve accuracy

    • Unobstructed lingual access.

    For more information, please view the online presentations at Alternatively, contact Prestige Dental by email at or call 01274 721 567.


  • Harness nature with Embrace bioactive resin

    Embrace WetBond is a bioactive ionic resin designed to take advantage of saliva in the mouth.

    Most traditional resins are hydrophobic, repel saliva and require a dry field. Designed to have a relatively neutral existence in the mouth, they do not take advantage of the positive gains that can be achieved with active materials that behave in a dynamic fashion in the oral environment.1

    Conversely, in the presence of moisture, uncured Embrace is acidic and simultaneously etches, ionizes and adheres to tooth structure. The hydrogen ions break off from the phosphate acid group and are replaced by calcium in the tooth structure. This ionic interaction binds the resin to the minerals in the tooth, forming a strong resin-hydroxyapatite complex and a positive seal against microleakage.

    When cured, Embrace is a dynamic bioactive system whereby fluoride continuously recharges the saliva and resin.

    For more information, please contact Prestige Dental by email at or call 01274 721 567.

    1. McCabe JF et al (2011) Smart materials in dentistry. Aust Dent J 56 (Suppl 1): 3-10

  • Pulpdent EDTA.

    Pulpdent EDTA.
    Available from Prestige Dental.

    Pulpdent EDTA Decalcifies canal walls, eases instrumentation and is buffered to a neutral pH. It is a 17% solution for the instrumentation of root canals and smear layer removal.
    Use Pulpdent EDTA liquid as an effective chelating agent. Available in bottles of 30, 60, 129 and 480 ml.
    Alternatively, “ File-Rite” is the same but in a semi gel.

    Developedfor direct dispensing into canals using 30 gauge needles.
    Prep-Rite is a viscous gel for picking up on files using the traditional method. This product is a 15% EDTA gel with lubricant and contains peroxide for a effervescing action.

    All of these products minimise binding and breakage of instruments and rinse out easily using irrigation.
    For further information or to order contact Prestige Dental on 01274 72156

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